Respectful Research: A Reflection and Insights from One Perspective of the Ongoing Journey of Research with Indigenous Communities

  • Michelle J. Eady University of Wollongong
Keywords: Indigenous communities, Indigenous knowledge, research, respect


This paper is the sharing of my story: a story that comes from what I saw, what I did, and what I know made a difference in a variety of Indigenous communities in Canada and Australia. My story may not be applicable everywhere, but perhaps you will find yourself thinking about and measuring its relevance whether you are an Indigenous researcher learning from outside your own community or a non-Indigenous researcher working with Indigenous communities. This paper reflects on the ongoing journey of an academic’s work with Indigenous communities and reminds us of the importance of careful focus on being culturally sensitive and respectful of the opportunities shared with us. It also recommends that academics introspectively examine the drive of their research projects that, in some cases, continue to be controversial for these communities.