Social Work is Not Rocket Science

  • Alexis Jemal Silberman School of Social Work
Keywords: continuing education, social justice, social work


This paper reflects on a three-day continuing education experience. Advancing continuing education can be challenging for the field of social work because there is much diversity in who social workers are and what social workers do. However, if social workers could rally behind a unifying, organizing principle, such as social justice, then continuing education could have a starting point from which to branch out into the different practice areas. Because social work is malleable, molded by the times, continuing education must shape social workers and their practice to remain current with contemporary knowledge and skills. A commitment to lifelong learning supports efforts to meet the demands of society and the needs of clients. This paper explores the question: If continuing education mirrors the field of social work, is social justice reflected? If not, what are strategies for moving social justice from the margins of social work to front and center?