Money-Driven Choices: A Disruptor of Learning

  • Jacquelynne Anne Boivin Springfield College
Keywords: budget, doctorate, education, life-long learning, public education, teaching


Public education in the United States is often run like a business—driven by money. A school’s decisions, like which textbooks to use, how many paraprofessionals to hire to support teachers, and the technology offered throughout the school, are all contingent upon a budget. In the field of education, while administrators encourage life-long learning, this message neglects to acknowledge a sad reality reflected by the practices of public school districts. The more education a teacher receives, the more expensive they are to the district. While such continuing education benefits instruction, and thus student learning, the increased pay commonly outlined in school districts’ collective bargaining agreements shows that at the highest ranking of doctorate, teachers are too expensive. This narrative depicts my journey of pursuing a doctorate while teaching but hiding it out of this fear.