Finding Belongingness Through Community in the First Year of COVID-19


  • Candace Hastings Texas State University
  • Catherine Hawkins Texas State University


personal development , reflections


March 2020 to March 2021 marked the first year of COVID-19. Here, two faculty members—one an administrator, the other a social work professor—at a large public university in Texas reflect upon our journey and offer a narrative of how we navigated the pandemic. Our separate paths crossed, and ultimately converged, through the Office of Faculty Development. One year later, in retrospect, we realize that our story is a shared one of reconnecting on both the institutional and individual levels. We each sought and found, through distinct roles and different routes, a supportive community and sense of belonging. This helped us to survive and eventually to thrive despite the challenges, changes, and choices COVID-19 posed. Since development is an ongoing process, we end with how our story continues.




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