Social Work Educators in PWIs: Betrayed and Triggered Regularly



racial battle fatigue, white racial frame, reproduction of whiteness


This article chronicles some of the significant experiences I have dealt with regarding anti-black racism in the academy. I focused the article on the systemic ways I witness and experience the reproduction of whiteness and performative efforts by many of my White colleagues to give the illusion that they value racial diversity while simultaneously embracing and perpetuating whiteness in different ways in the academy. Given the pervasiveness of white supremacy within social work education, I focused my recommendations on guidance and strategies for Black faculty to survive anti-black racism and thrive within White academies to minimize stress and being betrayed and triggered regularly.

Author Biography

Valandra, University of Arkansas

Valandra, PhD is Associate Professor, Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences School of Social Work and African and African American Studies, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR (




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